Our current and recent activities include:

 A programme of workshops over the last three years for school principals in Jamaica (in partnership with the Ministry and The National College for Educational Leadership) aimed at building leadership capacity and making schools places of belonging for children and adults alike;

 Workshops for the National Union of Teachers (NUT) School: A Place Where I Belong? at their National Education and Black Teachers’ Conferences;

 Interactive workshops with the National Union of Teachers focusing on the role of teachers in helping create a sense of place & belonging for young people and a climate of welcome for refugees;

 Work with Newport Primary School, London which has included professional development sessions with staff and a series of poetry performance workshops for children, linked to the national curriculum and aimed at building children’s self-confidence and sense of well-being

 An ongoing programme of activities with the British School in the Netherlands aimed at helping creating a sense of place and belonging within the school and enriching the learning experienced of students and the research knowledge and leadership of staff;

 A Rhythm and Movement Cuban Dance Workshop in Greenwich aimed at encouraging participants to learn how to enjoy moving with skill and confidence;

 An MA module with the University of Western Australia aimed at enhancing the capacities of school leaders to respond to global challenges and the realities of young people’s lives;

 An ongoing partnership with St Anthony’s RC Primary School in Bromley, London which aims to enrich children’s learning experience and strengthen connections between the school & families;

 A Development Partnership with schools in Luton, designed to help create a sense of place and belonging as part of an intervention strategy based on a partnership for change and possibilities.

 Teachers’ Role in Improving Education Quality; International Latin America Seminar, Educación 2020 and Reduca Santiago Chile (2015);

 A new Agenda for Schools and Colleges, University of Cyprus ( 2015);

 Researching to Change Cultures: The Art of Possibilities, Maynooth University Ireland: A Keynote presentation for Education and Health sector leaders (2016).

 Leading for Place & belonging in Jamaica - The Art of Possibilities      

  • Key note presentation Transforming Educational Leadership:
  • Disruptive Narratives, The National College for Educational Leadership, Jamaica
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    School Principals in Jamaica, working with Kathryn and TioMolina

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    TioMolina performing

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    Children working on the rhythms to link to their poetry
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    Student researcher reporting their findings to Kathryn

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    Children from St Anthony’s primary school performing
    at the project Conference, City Hall London
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    Project Conference, City Hall London