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Inclusion - The Belonging Imperative
In today’s difficult and uncertain times, schools need to be places of belonging. Kathryn Riley shows how—despite the many pressures on schools—teachers can help create that important sense of welcome and belonging for all children and young people.

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Re-creating Schools as Places of Belonging- The Art of Possibilities
In a global context of change and uncertainty, Kathryn Riley builds on her pioneering concept of Leadership of Place to pose fundamental challenges to the beliefs, thinking and professional practice of educators and leaders and to ask: How can we create schools that are places of belonging and possibility?

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Effective Principals Serving in High Poverty Schools in Chile: Managing Competing Realities
This article focuses on three elementary public schools principals in Chile who are serving socially and economically disadvantaged communities. It explores how these principals manage competing pressures and respond to the harsh realities of the lives of many young people in their schools.
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Leadership of Place: Transforming Schools into Places of Belonging
This monograph offers an approach to leadership - leadership of place - that focuses on creating the conditions for belonging in school. The discussion is framed in a global context of uncertainty and displacement, and a schooling context in which some 263 million children and young people are out of school (UNESCO, 2016). In OECD countries, 1 in 4 of those in school do not feel they belong (OECD, 2013).

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We’re a long way from a sense of belonging
For pupils, a feeling of belonging in school is vital for their wellbeing and academic outcomes. But children are increasingly feeling like outsiders in their own classrooms – and this is because of three spectacular failures by policymakers, writes Kathryn Riley

Kathryn Riley‘s New Publications
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Place and Belonging in Schools:Unlocking Possibilities
This practical and highly visual booklet focuses on how to create schools which are places of well-being, belonging and creative endeavour.

Key concepts, tools and approaches are provided, and a model for change designed to generate a fresh perspective on school life. All of these are research-based and have been ‘road-tested’ with leaders, practitioners, community members, young people and researchers.
Kathryn Riley, Max Coates & Sol Perez Martinez (2018) Designed by Lisa Jo Robinson
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Place, Belonging & School Leadership: Researching to make the difference
Findings from an innovative research and development partnership between the IoE, UCL and schools. The book explores how belonging is experienced and generated in schools and highlights the benefits to all concerned when young people and teachers engage in research inquiry. The book also offers tools and approaches designed to help school leaders develop their role as place leaders and place makers.

"This illuminating book represents the harvest of Kathryn Riley’s long career as a professor who has one foot firmly planted in scholarship while the other is equally rooted in the practice of school improvement. Her insistent (but non- strident) focus on social justice has inspired both me and my students. More importantly, it continues to stimulate teachers and school leaders."
Karen Seashore Louis, Regents Professor and Robert H. Beck Chair of Ideas in Education University of Minnesota, USA
New Project - Depftord , World of Possibilities
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Deptford a World of Possibilities brings together the many voluntary, community and statutory organisations which work with (and for) children and young people, families, and adults of all ages, for the good of everyone in Deptford. It’s sponsored by Deptford Challenge Trust and organised and hosted by Professor Kathryn Riley and DancePoet TioMolina.
To find out about upcoming events email: Jan Donaldson
Deptford: A World of Possibilities is not business as usual. It’s about creating a sense of belonging in this unsettled and troubled world and:

  • Harnessing the wisdom of stakeholders and leaders in Deptford and developing their leadership of place;
  • Growing collaboration and partnership around common purpose; and
  • Unleashing the creativity and talent of the community to make a difference.
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